Better or Worse: psychological contract

Getting started in another country is about more than just your labor law contract. It is also about your expectations from your employer. Also, during your adventure, don’t forget to maintain your contacts at home. Whether or not the people you leave behind are jealous, they will want to know how you are doing in your new place. Real friendships can go through a time without intensive contact, but don’t neglect them. You will grow and change through all your experiences. It is important that you intentionally let your friends and family see those changes so that you don’t become a stranger to them. Arrange regular updates and keep the spoken and unspoken expectations from others in mind.

Many people see a vacation as a good relationship test. At Boxx, we know this really applies to the time as an expat. Working and living in a new environment, with new people, is an enormous adjustment on your life experience. For you to have a positive experience, there are things you must do. That all begins with a joint plan of expectations and agreements. Clarity beforehand prevents disappointment that easily thrives on unfounded assumptions about living and working abroad. Balance in your private life is very important in a world created by your employer.