Global Mobile Professionals Participate with Boxx?

We are constantly searching for people that want to apply their specialty on a flexible basis to our solutions for specific, in-house support for businesses where global mobility plays a role. This goes from supporting the HR organization of our clients to assistance in the fiscal departments and the complex relationship between mobility and compliance. As managing contractor, our office is responsible for in-house projects, working with people who can perform this type of assignment with great independence.

With the participants in our network, we deliver on every aspect of global mobility customization. Whether you are a generalist or specialist in this area, there could quickly be a role for you in one of our projects. That goes for the experts with a lot of experience as well as for relative newcomers that need a bit of help from us to get to the next step of their career. Our most important condition is that you share Boxx’s premise: deliver the best quality from an independent position.

If you are interested in working with us as a specialist in this area, please contact us so we can talk about which adventure we can start together.