Three Global Mobility Tips for 2018

A new year, a new start. We now get to look back at the highlights of 2017, but we really want to look at the coming year, 2018, with enthusiasm and ambition.

Invest. Analyze. Focus. These are the key concepts of our three tips as we stand at the threshold of the changing year. Three tips that look at the trends in global mobility and how they impact companies and every active international worker.

Tip 1: Invest

The world is changing, forcing every company to adapt, and various trends are competing for attention. Therefore, you should explore service providers in the global mobility space. Every specialist has their own unique view, creating new initiatives around the world and applying innovating ways to make those initiatives work. Invest in getting your own knowledge of this sector. That will help you improve your creativity and provide critical insights to make better choices as you select your global mobility partners.

Tip 2: Analyze

Having an employee working on a location in a foreign country means more than just working out a few processes and protocols. Look at both the business and the individual as though you are making a travel guide. Compose a balanced palette that combines promises with expectations for the adventure. Analyzing the customer journey provides efficient, useful and enlightening insights that benefit both the employee and the company. The journey flows into a setting where everyone’s expectations are met and a path for success is cleared.

Tip 3: Focus

Stay cool! It may seem obvious, but in the flood of trends and options, it can easily get overwhelming, intimidating and confusing. Give yourself the space to focus. Privacy, diversity, digitality, talent development and employee purpose are extremely important, don’t get distracted from your core responsibility as an employer; keeping your expat employees safe and legally compliant.