Working in another country

You already have a lot of experience with complex tasks and foreign clients, and working abroad for an extended time is always a special step in your career. Whether you work and live in a neighbouring country or on the other side of the world, your private and business life will be different. Even in multi-national companies, there are written and unwritten business rules that apply on a local level. Every country has their obvious differences, but there are also countless subtle and unspoken differences you are not used to.

With language courses and workshops, you can take your first steps in getting yourself ready for an upcoming project or role. Boxx offers personal guidance based on the specific personal and business needs of your relocation. We begin sharing our information and experience by providing you with tips and tricks. At any time, you can place a request into our network of experienced specialists who want to share their experiences. Before you leave, and even after you are in your new location, you are insured of a personal safety net and sounding board.