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Global Mobility and Nothing Else

Boxx has been taking a human approach since the day it was founded. Our services are characterised by resourceful quality, integrated solutions and energetic teamwork. We focus on what is essential to us and our clients: exceptional services delivered by passionate professionals at a competitive fee. Global Mobility and nothing else. Boxx firmly believes in true partnership, in guiding the client and offering expert but pragmatic advice to manage the daily challenges of cross-border employment.

Human approach

Boxx has your employees and their families at heart. We coordinate and deliver our services while focusing on their needs and well-being in line with your policies. We aim to ensure your employees are happy so they can focus on their daily business. You will get to know your Boxx team personally and have confidence in us as your partner. You can trust your Global Mobility is in capable hands.

Resourceful quality

We get to know your business so that our advice and solutions are always tailored to your specific needs. We look for solutions within the legal system that are practical and easy to implement. Not just a list of possibilities, but tangible advice from Boxx advisors who provide integrated Global Mobility services on a daily basis.

Integrated solutions

The unique concept of combining all aspects of Global Mobility worldwide means we can tailor services to the needs of your organisation and mobile workforce. Services are centrally delivered and coordinated at all times. We proactively advise you if circumstances affect other aspects of Global Mobility. By partnering with Boxx, you no longer face inconsistencies between external vendors and your everyday HR practice. We control every step of the process, including global vendor management, and provide all services under one contract.

Energetic teamwork

Our team is one of a kind! Passionate professionals who enjoy helping people. Many of our team members have a corporate background, so they are familiar with your needs and challenges. Working in client teams, our professionals share knowledge and are able to relate to all aspects of Global Mobility, across multiple fields of expertise. The sense of teamwork at Boxx is truly unique, something you have to experience for yourself.

Value For Clients