International Social Security

When working across borders, one of the main concerns of your employee is what his or her social security position will be. Social security benefits often provide a source of income during times of need, such as unemployment, disability or death of the household’s main income provider. However, old-age pensions and child benefits can also be part of a country’s social security system. All of these are very important to your employees and their families. Many countries have concluded bilateral agreements that manage the employee’s social security position while working abroad temporarily. Within the EU, social security coverage is strictly regulated while working abroad.

Boxx helps clients apply for and benefit from social security treaties and regulations.

Our social security services consist of:

  • Advising on the country of mandatory social security coverage for the employee and family members;
  • Advising on social security planning;
  • Advising on the eligibility for and application of social security treaties;
  • Advising on voluntary or private social security coverage;
  • Applying A1 certificates, Certificates of Coverage and voluntary insurances;
  • Assisting with child benefit and other social security applications;
  • Advising on coverage during special situations such as pregnancy/maternity leave and sabbaticals;
  • Advising on comparisons of social security coverage in different countries; and
  • Advising on the tax treatment of employer and employee social security premiums.

With proactive social security advice and the proper certificates in place, your employee feels secure in the knowledge that he or she is covered either in the familiar home country or in the best way possible. As an employer, you can rest assured there will not be any compliance risks, risk of paying expensive double premiums or that your employee is not covered. When coverage in the home country is no longer possible, we advise proactively on voluntary insurances or the best private insurance solutions available.

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