Global Mobility Immigration Compliance

Boxx helps companies assess whether a work permit is required, advises on business visitor (visa) entry requirements and provides full-service assistance with any immigration applications required. We also support expats and their family members when they arrive at their host location by giving advice and support for residence permit applications and renewals.

We provide Global Mobility Immigration compliance services on a global scale. We do this in conjunction with our Frame partner network in all applicable countries. We ensure each case meets our Boxx standards while providing on-the-ground local support as required.

We assist with various immigration compliance requirements, such as:

  • Collecting and reviewing of the personal and corporate documentation needed;
  • Coordinating the authentication of documents from appropriate government authorities;
  • Coordinating with certified translators to obtain sworn translations, apostilled documents and/or legalisation;
  • Preparing and filing work permit applications;
  • Preparing and filing business visa applications;
  • Preparing and filing residence permit applications for employee and family members; and
  • Preparing and filing residence permit applications for newborn family members.

We offer more than excellence in visa, work and residence permit processing. We guide your team and all other stakeholders in the process, offering expert advice from our experienced immigration specialists with extensive knowledge of immigration compliance requirements. We also offer personal service to employees.

In short, we help you comply with the relevant legal obligations to prevent facing serious ramifications as a company sponsor or individual.

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