Global Mobility Tax Compliance

Tax compliance is about more than filing tax returns. It is about understanding the personal and employment position of the taxpayer concerned, applying country-specific tax rules and regulations and reviewing the interaction between the home and host country tax position. The best word to describe it is ‘complex’, and this makes it a specialist’s job.

Together with our global partner network, Frame, we assist your cross-border employees with preparing and filing their personal income tax returns and being compliant in the home and host countries. Besides income tax returns, there are many other expat tax compliance activities we assist with every day, such as:

  • Requesting filing extensions;
  • Reviewing tax assessments and tax notices;
  • Answering questions from tax authorities;
  • Filling objections against incorrect tax assessments/notices;
  • Filing bank reports, wealth reports and other required forms;
  • Filing arrival and departure forms;
  • Preparing (hypothetical) tax calculations;
  • Preparing tax equalisation, tax protection and tax settlement calculations;
  • Applying tax identification numbers;
  • Applying country-specific expat facilities, including the Dutch 30% ruling;
  • Applying residency statements; and
  • Posted Worker notifications.

We make the complex easy by managing every step of the compliance process. From the moment of authorising the employee for tax return filing until the last tax assessment or notice is received and reviewed. Our team is easy to contact and always takes the personal approach when helping your employees.

Your employees will be happy they do not have to worry about administrative procedures, deadlines or compliance risks.

Are you interested in how we can improve your Global Mobility business? Please contact us at +32 11 55 99 10 or [email protected]