Global Mobility Immigration Advice


Immigration rules and regulations can be very complex, and they change frequently. Navigating these rules and regulations while taking business requirements into account can be a challenge. Consequently, assessing and maintaining compliance is often a demanding task. Non-compliance can lead to serious consequences for employers and employees on several levels. Immigration requirements may also apply to third-party contractors (such as suppliers or flex agencies) working on client premises.

At Boxx, we work closely with you to identify any possible risks, develop proactive solutions and implement effective immigration policies in line with your company strategy.

Together with our global partner network, Frame, we have a thorough knowledge of all the immigration rules and regulations worldwide. By assessing the situation and required cross-border work situation, we can quickly identify the possibilities of working legally in the other country, what permits are required and how these are obtained. This knowledge translates into comprehensive immigration advice that gives you and your employee a full understanding of the approach you need to take, timelines and any potential red flags. No immigration solution is unknown to us.

Whether you are running a large multi-jurisdictional immigration programme or need assistance with a single immigration matter in a particular country or region, Boxx can help you manage the movement of your global workforce and set up an appropriate immigration framework. Our team of experienced immigration specialists take the time to understand your company’s business objectives, policies and employee position on a case-by-case basis. We tailor our comprehensive support to ensure that through process compliance with immigration regulations anywhere in the world, employees can start their work/residence in a timely matter. This allows you to minimise immigration compliance risks and your administrative burden.

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