Global Mobility Tax & Social Security

Our Global Mobility Tax department provides high-quality advice on global strategy and planning, as well as the execution of expat tax services, social security services and payroll compliance services. Working alongside our global partner network, Frame, our consultants deliver support at each stage of cross-border employment situations, and in every country where assistance is needed.

Tax services for every situation

At Boxx, we have a proven track record in providing global expat tax services and social security services for long- and short-term international assignments, as well as cross-border commuters, employee rotations, local hires and all other cross-border employment or expat situations.

Our expat tax and social security consultants assist our clients on a daily basis with:

  • Monitoring of worldwide income expat tax/social security saving opportunities and compliance risks;
  • Design and implementation of expat tax equalisation policies;
  • Preparation of income/payroll tax calculations;
  • Advice on expat tax and social security positions for cross-border employment;
  • LTI plans and salary split design;
  • Pre-departure, arrival and repatriation tax briefings;
  • Preparation and filing of personal income tax returns;
  • Applications for certificates of coverage for social security;
  • Application of country-specific expat facilities (including the Dutch 30% ruling);
  • Posted worker notifications; and
  • Payroll compliance services (processing, coordination or instructions).

We care about building connections and how our services can positively affect our clients and their employees.

Our strength in the field of expat tax and social security services is that we help our clients be compliant whilst providing advice and solutions that are easy to understand and practical to implement. We develop long-term partnerships with our clients, based on attentive support, and a human approach while delivering pragmatic and fast results. Every situation is unique and requires its own level of care, service and attention, while balancing business and compliance requirements.

Value For Clients

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