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Management & Design

Global Mobility Management & Design

Our team of experienced professionals provides strategic expat advice and expat policy development services for various types of international assignments, commuters, foreign local hires and (frequent) business travellers. Policy design is based on alignment with company culture and business goals while making use of benchmarking and best practices gathered over decades of experience. We have extensive experience in the design, implementation and communication of new or revised policies. Companies with limited in-house Global Mobility expertise can outsource their full Global Mobility function to Boxx.

Our Global Mobility expat management and design consultants assist clients on a daily basis with:

  • Preparation, explanation and execution of balance sheets;
  • Preparation of assignment cost estimates;
  • Preparation of assignment agreements;
  • Policy design, benchmarking and implementation;
  • Global Mobility HR and remuneration advice;
  • Process improvement;
  • Deadline monitoring and follow-up;
  • Expat well-being; and
  • Hands-on relocation and assignment coordination for:
    • Housing assistance;
    • Language and cultural training;
    • Educational advice and support;
    • Removal assistance;
    • Relocation assistance and settling-in services;
    • Spousal support;
    • Payroll services;
    • Insurance; and
    • Repatriation assistance.

Our consultants provide a single point of coordination for clients and their employees and arrange and coordinate relevant services based on policies and individual agreements. With our personal and pragmatic approach, we commit to managing expectations upfront and ensuring a smooth-running process throughout, reducing costs as well as policy discrepancies.

We commit to managing expectations upfront and ensuring a smooth-running process.

Value For Clients

Are you interested in how we can improve your Global Mobility business? Please contact us at +32 11 55 99 10 or [email protected]