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Global Mobility Remuneration Advice

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Remuneration is an important topic in the world of Global Mobility. When employees work across borders, this involves more complex remuneration approaches and employment rules in different countries. Other factors, such as cost of living, exchange rates, spendable income, pay shifts and mobility, hardship or other assignment-related allowances, can impact an employee’s remuneration. It is very important to inform the employee upfront what the applicable remuneration consists of and how this is calculated. Providing tangible advice on assignment packages and the build-up of the host country salary is an important part of the assignment management and decision-making of an employee to embark on a journey abroad.

As part of our global service delivery, Boxx provides support on various topics, such as:

  • Preparing the assignment-related calculations to support the clients’ business case (e.g. projecting assignment costs);
  • Calculating the assignment salary based on various mobility-related data (e.g. balance sheet calculations); and
  • Comparing different assignment remuneration packages.

Based on the client’s policy or guidelines, a remuneration package is prepared and, after approval, implemented in the applicable payroll(s) in compliance with local (tax) legislation. Clarity and transparency in remuneration packages are key! Boxx’s expertise and knowledge of the market and various remuneration packages means we can advise on various aspects of (expat) remuneration, how this should be included in your policy, communication to the employee and instructing the applicable payroll(s) for implementation. With a clear remuneration policy or guideline in place, clients can offer their mobile employees fair packages.

With Boxx’s expertise, clear explanations are given about the remuneration package to prevent ambiguities and to manage expectations.

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