Global Mobility Immigration Scan

When rules are complex and the risks high, it is always a good idea to assess whether your internal processes are adequate and whether your personnel are properly trained to manage those rules and risks. Boxx can help you with this by performing an immigration scan. This will provide you with a good assessment of the level of immigration compliance currently achieved and, if needed, how to improve.

At Boxx, we help our clients manage compliance concerns and mitigate risks associated with not operating within required standards.

The immigration scan includes the following services:

  • On-site auditing and reviewing of HR systems, current processes, practices, documents and record-keeping to identify any immigration compliance risks;
  • Assessing your communication and tracking regime: how are authorities informed, how are permits and dates administered and how are changes in personal and work situations tracked;
  • Creating and developing immigration policies and frameworks;
  • Helping you create in-house tools to identify possible compliance breaches and reduce compliance risks in the future; and
  • Providing in-house training to ensure you gain a better understanding of immigration and associated legal obligations.

An immigration scan results in more control over risks involving your employees, flex workers and others. Checking immigration compliance will help you minimise the risk of fines or suspension/revocation of your employer sponsoring status.

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