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Assignment Management

There are many things to consider, actions to take and stakeholders involved when hiring someone abroad. These stakeholders can include local HR contacts, a Global Mobility department, the employee and accompanying family members, removal companies, local authorities, tax, immigration and payroll specialists, destination service providers, educational consultants, and so on. While focusing on their own specialism, they are all part of the complex assignment process puzzle. Assignment management involves streamlining the entire process, making sure the right steps are taken at the right time, providing adequate updates and managing the assignee’s expectations to guarantee a smooth transfer.

Our assignment management consultants are dedicated specialists who arrange and coordinate the required services based on our clients’ policies and individual agreements.

Many of our specialists have corporate experience and understand the specific needs and challenges our clients are facing. They translate these requirements into tailored services.

At Boxx, we aim to reduce the hassle for clients’ HR or Global Mobility teams, for example by:

  • Coordinating all vendors and providing advice on assignment-related issues, including relocation support, payroll instructions, legal requirements, insurances and general employee well-being;  
  • Managing the involved vendors by dealing with the invoicing of all parties and providing a single itemised invoice to our client;
  • Managing the assignment with a human approach, providing resourceful quality but also keeping critical deadlines in mind;
  • Providing a single point of coordination for clients, employees and family members with a personal and pragmatic approach;
  • Managing expectations upfront and ensuring the full process runs as smoothly as possible, leading to lower costs and fewer policy discrepancies; and
  • Acting on behalf of the client, so they can focus on their business knowing that their international mobile population is in safe hands.

Boxx provides a clear overview of our client’s global mobile population and its development, deadlines and critical end dates. This way, our client remains fully in charge while we manage the operational side of Global Mobility.

Are you interested in how we can improve your Global Mobility business? Please contact us at +32 11 55 99 10 or [email protected]