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Working at Boxx

Working at Boxx

The Boxx Family

We have the professional standard of a multinational and the mindset of a scale-up. Growth is something we create together. We don’t have endless meetings, huge open workspaces or the obligation to always be at the office. We prefer a hands-on, transparent and inspirational working environment. We work hard; as professionals with an entrepreneurial and flexible mindset we create opportunities, take steps to get things done and we don’t back down from challenges that come our way. We dare to change, innovate and create. But also to discard, stop and rethink. We take time to take a step back and of course to enjoy a chat or a drink with each other regularly.

Together we provide the best Global Mobility experience for our clients.

Mission: ‘Providing the best Global Mobility experience to multinational companies and their international mobile employees.’

Core Values

icon Human Approach

Human Approach

We know how important it is to provide personal services to an international employment. That is why we always prioritise the human aspect in all our activities. In doing so, we never lose sight of our clients’ or Boxx’s business interests.

As a member of the Boxx community, you are people and service-oriented, towards both your clients and colleagues. Moreover, you have great empathy and treat everyone with respect.

icon Resourceful Quality

Resourceful quality

We love our work and aim for the highest quality. When laws and regulations are not applied properly, this carries risks. As specialists, we do not provide a list of possibilities, but tangible, high-quality advice. We explore solutions within the framework of the law and tailor our advice to our client’s strategy.

As a member of the Boxx community, you are flexible and skilled at thinking outside the box, entrepreneurial, and your thoughts and actions are driven by quality.

icon Energetic Teamwork

Energetic Teamwork

We support and complement each other. We believe that achieving something together is the best thing there is. We do this every day with unbridled energy and with passion for our profession, our company and our clients.

As a member of the Boxx community, you excel in teamwork, you put people first and you always give 100%.

icon Integrated Solutions

Intergrated Solutions

We offer the full package of Global Mobility services. Every Boxx employee works in a team of specialists who coordinate with other specialists to support the client with integrated solutions. Every client has an account team that relieves clients of all their Global Mobility concerns.

As a member of the Boxx community, your knowledge is constantly evolving, and you are quick to make connections and come up with creative ideas. You also familiarise yourself with our other disciplines and use the knowledge and experience you have acquired in your daily activities.

Our Service Teams

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