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Global Mobility Policy Design

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At Boxx, we understand the value in the design and implementation of Global Mobility policies. Policy design is based on alignment with company culture and business goals. In addition, policies are important for clear and transparent communication with your assignment population. Having a policy mitigates ambiguity and prevents inconsistencies throughout the Global Mobility programme. It will also contribute to career opportunities and recruitment and retention programmes.

At Boxx, a team of experienced professionals provides strategic advice and policy development services.

When designing Global Mobility policies, we advise our clients and assist them with:

  • Gaining insight into the international assignment population and key positions;
  • (Re)designing different types of international assignment policies, e.g. long-term, short-term, commuter, foreign local hire, development and (frequent) business travel;
  • Benchmarking assignment compensation and (fringe) benefits;
  • Advising on global and local best practices, taking into account factors such as cost optimisation, family position, regional and/or local customs;
  • Implementing, planning and communicating new or revised policies; and
  • Designing assignment management documentation such as employment contract templates.

In optimising your mobility budgets, segmenting policies is a way to effectively start a policy design. This can involve setting up a decision tree: differentiate the duration, assignee profiles and assignment types to distribute budgets in line with the jobs and mobile workers that deliver the most value to you and your business.

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