Global Mobility Tax Advice

As Boxx only focuses on Global Mobility, our tax consultants specialise in international income tax, social security legislation and cross-border payroll services. This specialised approach makes it possible to oversee every tax-related aspect of working internationally. We provide comprehensive but practical expat tax advice tailored to your organisation’s needs. However, we will always balance business and compliance requirements when providing services to achieve the best possible solutions for you. We easily relate to your cross-border employees and can explain technical tax and social security topics in an understandable way.

Global Mobility tax advice is one of the most complex areas of taxation. Together with our global partner network, Frame, we offer advice and compliance services on a global scale. We advise our clients on various topics, such as:

  • Residency position;
  • Tax and social security position;
  • Employer withholding obligations and home and host country payroll instructions;
  • Eligibility for country-specific expat facilities, including the Dutch 30% ruling;
  • Taxability of remuneration packages;
  • Long-term investment, equity and share option plans;
  • International pensions;
  • Split employment or taxation situations;
  • Tax equalisation and tax protection set-up and policies;
  • Tax rulings; and
  • Payroll and compliance scans.

Our consultants speak the language of your HR, Global Mobility, payroll and finance teams, where Boxx is seen and treated as a part of or an extension to that team. Every situation is unique and requires its own level of care, service and attention.

With an understanding of the tax and personal position of your employee, our tax consultants will indicate other potential risks or opportunities and, where needed, involve other members of the Boxx team, e.g. immigration, relocation or HR consultants.

From the moment Boxx is involved, you will experience proactive Global Mobility advice that will help you reduce costs and minimise risks.

Are you interested in how we can improve your Global Mobility business? Please contact us at +32 11 55 99 10 or [email protected]