Digital drivers for personal attention

Every modern business depends on adequate digital processes. We understand that and we support your way of working with fast and simple automated processes for expats, as we have done since the beginning. The processes insure that we can communicate the right advice and information to our clients – as quickly as possible, because that makes the difference and lays the foundation for your satisfaction.

We will soon take this a step further with our web portal Outsite, developed by our partner, Afas. This system increases the speed and gives us the opportunity to work together with you more efficiently. Our internal processes will speed up, our international partners knowing that they are immediately informing our customers of the latest state of affairs. Our choice for Afas is based on our expertise and independence; we want to be the best and we don’t shy away from developing our own solutions. You get their own independence in this system. We are pleased to offer you different subscriptions in personal communication. This improvement of our automation gives us the opportunity to put more time and thought into the processes for supporting you and other clients. In the existing agreements, we can even work with the expat directly; more attention, no extra costs, more returns.