Frame: global footprint joins local expertise

New and better networks are bringing the world closer to everyone. In this fast-changing environment, we are improving the lives of expats and their surroundings through self-developed methods. You will immediately notice the better performances from your satisfied personnel.

Our worldwide network, Frame, based on years of continuous investment, guarantees you always have the best solution in an international context. Frame is a network of inspired specialists, the best in the world and leaders in their regional markets. Based on this network with more than 300 partners worldwide, we set up a specific international team for each customer. You decide in consultation with us which disciplines are represented in your team. Boxx keeps it simple at the front end: you just see what you can count on, without the fuss. On the backend, we know what really matters: good agreements, clear contracts and sharp prices.

As a client, you will profit from our network, which is built exclusively on quality.
Our partners know that they must put their best foot forward every time to be able to deliver customer satisfaction to you and us. Boxx does not have preferred suppliers based on long-term contracts. We don’t work with franchise constructions or associates. That means we can send you the right partners chosen purely on quality.

In the dynamic international environment in which we are active, Boxx needs to work this way. You have the right that we as managers of the international process can act quickly and make decisions if the circumstances change. We monitor the developments in the world that are important to you and we act on them. We keep it simple for you: one point of contact, one contract and you receive one invoice. With Boxx you get a worldwide footprint with local expertise.