Fundamentals can give birth to strategy

Adhering to legislative demands is easier said than done when it comes to international relocation and personnel. Laws from the involved countries often do not intersect well and can even have contradictory requirements. The interpretation of the rules will also depend on personal factors. Enforcers don’t always make the same choice and one expat can have a friendlier experience than the other. Consequently, dealing with matters according to the requirements of the law may require additional efforts, but for us at Boxx, meeting what we call the mobility fundamentals is no more than the basis of our work. As an employer, you will be delighted when our help gets the fundamentals in order, but we see them for what they are: a vital factor of decency and certainty. Of utmost importance for you is the prevention of claims, but also avoiding hassles for your expat personnel. Should they be distracted because their basic living conditions are not adequately regulated, they will inevitably perform less well in the work they do for you, the most important reason they were sent abroad.

By arranging the fundamentals, you are not yet in strategic choices about cross-border work within your company. The simplest view on this is that it is sufficient to fill the open international vacancies, but there is more than business driven mobility. An international position in a career can also be a part of managing talent and their development. To really work well, an international approach to your HR processes is desirable. Boxx has extensive experience with the development of a complimentary international strategy.

A strategy can also be used for expat loyalty and talent from around the world. Boxx can advise you on the possibilities for something more productive than entering a non-compete agreement. For that, think about the polishing of the employee experience and the development of psychological contracts. We will work with you on mobility strategy and assignment policy.