Personal attention brings ROI

For us, personal attention is not a marketing gimmick, even in the existing situation where the expat is a category with more internationally working companies. You can still pamper your expat personally and completely, including housing with a pool, butler and nanny included. But not every expat is a senior executive that has a long commitment in a ‘mission almost impossible.’ The expat from the 21st century could just as easily be a young and driven professional, a short-termer, a business traveler with longer stays abroad or even an international commuter that crosses the same border twice a day. In their companies, all these groups have one or more international statuses and these require specific attention. While all these individuals are unique, every type of expat knows their own challenge related to the task and location. Help is needed in order to solve all the issues. At Boxx, we know these specific types of questions and can manage them. This results in a maximum return on investment for your company.