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Pet relocation

When relocating to a new country there are always a number of practical matters which need to be arranged. A new house, schools, (health) insurances, making sure that you and your family members adjust to the new changes quickly. There is another important matter which is often not highlighted, but is definitely as important and that is the removal of your household pets.

To some of us they are like extended family – at least to me my dog Kramer is. Right or not I always tell Kramer (my dog) that he is my favourite (family member)! So naturally when considering the relocation of such an important family member you only want the best for him/her and that their best interests are taken care of.

Animals are very sensitive to us and their environment, they notice when change is in the air; so it is important to create a stress free environment and to stick to your regular routine as much as possible during this transition period. Our pets strive on stability, by keeping their daily routine as regular as possible and feeding times the same; this can ensure that your pet stays calm during this hectic time. We at Boxx understand the importance of safe & comfortable travel for your household pet, and we are confident that we can provide an excellent service.

When starting up the process of your pets removal, it is a must to consider an experienced partner who will be able to provide you with the following services:

  • Advice on the removal process – what is necessary and assistance with obtaining the proper documentation, i.e. custom documents and health certificates
  • The possibility of animal pick from your home before air travel and assistance with custom clearance
  • Practical information before travel, such as the preparation for air travel
  • Up to date vaccinations and details provided for the pet passport
  • Animal crates can be provided as well as boarding kennels
  • Clear communication on the planning and the decided travel schedule

The procedure should be straight forward, the experts in animal logistics
are able to guide you through the steps which are necessary in order to make the transition and travel arrangements for your pets to go smoothly. You will receive a tailor made travel plan suited to your pets needs. Our consultants & partners are readily available to answer any questions which you may have.

Would you like to know more about pet relocation, or need assistant? Please contact us at tel. +32 11 55 99 10 or email us at [email protected]