Interim Power for Companies Staffing challenge in mobility?

Unplanned events, replacement during temporary leave, sickness, and more, every organization knows the challenges of getting the work done if the occupancy is lower than expected or desired.

In a specialized field like global mobility, you do not have to worry in such situations about whether you can find someone as a replacement. Boxx can quickly find just the right people to address any temporary dip in personnel. For this, we have a pool of mobility talent at the ready.

Of course, these workers adhere to our guarantee of trusted Boxx quality. Our reliable and focused specialists provide customized services based on an interim process that we manage and control. Boxx takes care of and remains responsible, not only in the interim but with our entire office as back-up. If necessary, we will get support from our worldwide Frame network.

If you want to be prepared for addressing staffing issues within your global mobility team, then contact us for an orientation conversation.