Boxx Presents… ExpatBuzz!

The world is changing at a fast pace. Yesterday’s certainties are today’s doubts and tomorrow’s outdated news. The international changes in the expat world are almost too much to keep up with. Boxx is perfectly at home in this dynamic, international space. We understand these things from the perspective of both the employer and employee and we share the learnings from our experience with you, which will save you hours and even days of work.

There is no place in the global mobility workplace for advisors that are isolated. We work closely with you, partnering with our international colleagues, and partners and employing the basis of our own experience with the 10,000 expats and organizations we have supported through the years.

Boxx understands the facts and feelings for everything expats experience in their daily lives. We know the “best practices” of today in the area of global mobility and we are aware of what is on the horizon

The key to success is to match personal expectations with process obligations and we are proud to present our newest platform for you to see how we do this: Expatbuzz!

Expatbuzz is a beacon of knowledge and advice for all the big and little things that are involved with expats. We know what obstacles you and your organization are up against. In the coming months, we will present the first forty insights, practical topics everyone in the sector must deal with. It only takes a minute to reap the benefit: the length of each weekly video. Want to know more? Read the text. Want to know even more? Submit your questions online, react and contact us to profit from our knowledge at Boxx. Knowledge based on our experience with over 10,000 expats.

We keep it simple. No global, theoretical considerations or hard to decipher technical analysis, but instead the daily mobility reality from all the possible perspectives in text and images, that is Expatbuzz. There will be a new item on our site every two weeks, starting from December 1, 2017.

We hope you enjoy reading, learning and engaging with this new platform from Boxx.

Dennis van Proosdij