What is the EURA?

EuRA is the professional industry body for relocation providers and affiliated services, and their 20th conference was held April 24 to 27 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Over 700 representatives in the relocation, immigration and destination services industry were present.

Boxx wants to deliver the best quality service to clients and their international employees, and the way to achieve this is to find partners with matching values.

We truly understand the importance of a loyal, “making it happen” partner alliance. Partners must meet our expectations so it’s important we assess whether potential partners have the resources to not only invest in the partnership, but also ensure the technical, core competencies and company culture are a good fit, and deliver added value to our clients and their employees.

We believe that added value comes from:

  • Setting the right expectations to all parties involved
  • Pro-active communication
  • Great sense of responsibility and accountability
  • Flexible approach- not every case is the same
  • Understanding of cultural diversity

Building personal relationships makes partnering a two-way street that is not only mutually beneficial for business, but also makes it possible for us to share information and new ideas with each other.