Bilingualism of expat children and the role of the employer

Adaptability of families and assistance from the employer for families of expat employees are of great importance when a family (temporarily) moves abroad for an assignment. A well-thought-out plan is required...

Working in another country

You already have a lot of experience with complex tasks and foreign clients, and working abroad for an extended time is always a special step in your career. Whether you work and live in a neighbouring country...

Frame: global footprint joins local expertise

New and better networks are bringing the world closer to everyone. In this fast-changing environment, we are improving the lives of expats and their surroundings through self-developed methods. You will...

Interim Power for Companies Staffing challenge in mobility?

Unplanned events, replacement during temporary leave, sickness, and more, every organization knows the challenges of getting the work done if the occupancy is lower than expected or desired.

Strategic Alliances

We are in this age of global networks, open to cooperation with parties who want to employ our knowledge in a sustainable manner. We form strategic alliances from this perspective.


Boxx global expat solutions, the largest independent office for Global Mobility in the Benelux, was established in 2006 by Dennis van Proosdij. He studied fiscal law in Maastricht and worked with PwC...

For Employees

As expert you are needed at global locations for your company. Boxx assists in choices, logistics, red tape and ongoing support.

Papers, super important

In order to work for an extended time in another country, you need to do a lot more than just pack a suitcase, book your flight and find temporary housing. Acquiring the right documents and financial clarity is a job in itself, but it is vital in...

Better or Worse: psychological contract

Getting started in another country is about more than just your labor law contract. It is also about your expectations from your employer. Also, during your adventure, don’t forget to maintain your contacts at home. Whether or not the people you...

For Employers

Global mobility has it's challenges. Boxx is your wingman in strategy and operations.

Fundamentals can give birth to strategy

Adhering to legislative demands is easier said than done when it comes to international relocation and personnel. Laws from the involved countries often do not intersect well and can even have contradictory requirements. The interpretation of the...

Digital drivers for personal attention

Every modern business depends on adequate digital processes. We understand that and we support your way of working with fast and simple automated processes for expats, as we have done since the beginning. The processes insure that we can communicate...

For Interim

Modern workforces often need more flexibility. Boxx offers an infrastructure which facilitates flexible expatriation.

Global Mobile Professionals Participate with Boxx?

We are constantly searching for people that want to apply their specialty on a flexible basis to our solutions for specific, in-house support for businesses where global mobility plays a role. This goes from supporting the HR organization of our...

For Partners

Join our global network of experts facilitating expatriation and global mobility.

Certified Mobility Partners

The worldwide partner network of Boxx global expat solutions consists of experts in all our work areas. They are up to date with the latest development in their industry and know the local situation in detail.

Supply Chain Management

Boxx possesses a deep knowledge of HR processes, also internally. We use that knowledge for you, but also to guide and direct our partners in the best possible way. We go beyond the orthodox vendor management with an emphasis on numerica