Papers, super important

In order to work for an extended time in another country, you need to do a lot more than just pack a suitcase, book your flight and find temporary housing. Acquiring the right documents and financial clarity is a job in itself, but it is vital in order to have a successful expat experience. Your employer knows that the relocation to another country raises a lot of questions that most HR departments are not equipped to answer. The worldwide Boxx network can handle the administration around your job abroad in a way that you can move care-free. It is also not unusual for the laws and rules to change during your stay and we keep our processes constantly up-to-date. That allows us to intervene in a timely manner should your paperwork need updating. We also look at your career needs, so the right agreements, forms and registrations will be complete and in place in a timely manner. In this way, your career stays on the right path whether you head back to your home country or move on to a different one.